C-VILLE Weekly story highlights IN program

Sewing is having a moment at International Neighbors. It has come into focus lately because of the way it connects cultures and brings people with shared interests together, and because having the ability to sew can change lives for the better.

On this front, we have “sew much news” we are excited to share:

A C-VILLE Weekly story hit the stands today featuring a story about IN volunteer Deborah Jackson’s sewing machine deliveries, and the friendship she developed with Neighbor Najeeba Popal (pictured above). After receiving a machine from Deborah, Najeeba has been able to pick up work as a seamstress. You can read the article here.

If that article inspires you, and you want to help with the sewing machine donation program, there are several needs:

  • Sewing machine repairs: If you are skilled in this area and would like to help, please contact Deborah at djackson21@aol.com.
  • Sewing machine deliveries and mentoring support: If you would be interested in taking a sewing machine to a new recipient, teaching them how to use the machine, and providing occasional support as a “sewing mentor,” please contact Jennifer at contactus@internationalneighbors.org.
  • If you are interested in donating a sewing machine for repairs, contact Deborah at djackson21@aol.com. Please be aware that you may need to schedule your donation for a later date—Deborah can only fit so many machines in her house at a time!
  • Donations of fabric, zippers, thread, etc. are welcome, but storage space is limited. Gift cards to JoAnn’s fabrics would be most helpful. For more information, contact Jennifer at contactus@internationalneighbors.org.

Our much-anticipated sewing class, taught by Neighbor and professional tailor Sylvan Kasondwa, will begin on January 3rd, 5-8 pm, at the IN House Resource Center. For more information, contact Jennifer at contactus@internationalneighbors.org.

Finally, the Sew-tacular Holiday Sew-a-thon at The Bridge tomorrow evening Dec. 19th, from 5:30-8:30 pm, provides a great opportunity for sewing practice and fun. We’re organizing a group of Neighbors and friends to attend. For more information, contact Jennifer at contactus@internationalneighbors.org.

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