INvest at Home

The difference between "resettlement" and "home"

100 million people are currently displaced due to unrest, conflict, or disaster.

Less than 5% are formally resettled in secure countries, and less than 0.1% of those will be resettled in the United States. This means that our new neighbors in Charlottesville are highly vetted, documented, and fortunate to have been resettled at all.

But the challenges do not stop there. When newcomers arrive in the U.S., they are faced with language barriers, cultural stigma, and career limitations. Many arrive with no bank account, no permanent address, no credit, no access or knowledge of transportation, and little knowledge about everyday American culture. How can a resettled family get to the point where they see their new country - which is highly foreign to them, as "home"?

The difference could be you

Family on front porch with flag

How You Can Help

Beyond simply helping a family get on their feet with clothing, rent, an ID, and some job leads, you could be their first American friend. You could help them learn the basics of the bus system, bring over groceries, or introduce them to your favorite hobbies. You could be a confidant to support a family when they are struggling, or a cheerleader to celebrate a family when they succeed. When a family looks back on those hard years when they fled the war and ended up in a strange new land, what they could be thankful for is you.


Whether it's a monthly gift, a one-time gift, or a grant from a Donor Advised Fund, your tax-deductible charitable donation allows us to help our refugees become safe and self-sufficient.  Explore all the ways to give.


Give the gift of your time by volunteering. A few ways to help:

  • Help research and find local properties suitable for refugees and SIV neighbors
  • Become a Great Neighbor Guide to provide friendship and guidance to a refugee or SIV newcomer as they become a member of their new community

If you're interested in either of these opportunities, or if you can contribute your time and energy in other ways, contact us with your interest in volunteering.

Other Ways to Support

Temporary space:

If you have a spare room or guest house, we'd love to partner with you to provide a temporary place to stay for new arrivals.

Permanent Housing:

Have a rental property that would be suitable for a refugee or SIV family?

Contact us.